FAKE - F# Make

Contributing to FAKE

This page should provide you with some basic information if you're thinking about contributing to FAKE.

  • This page can be edited by sending a pull request to the FAKE project on GitHub, so if you learn something when playing with FAKE please record your findings here!

  • If you want to discuss a feature (a good idea!), or if you want to look at suggestions how you might contribute, check out the Issue list on GitHub or send an email to the FAKE mailing list.


The documentation for FAKE is automatically generated using the amazing F# Formatting library. It turns *.md (Markdown with embedded code snippets) and *.fsx files (F# script file with embedded Markdown documentation) into a nice HTML documentation.

  • The code for all the documents can be found in the help directory on GitHub. If you find a bug or add a new feature, make sure you document it!

  • If you want to build the documentation, simply run the build script GitHub link) which builds the documentation.
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