F# Data


Namespace: FSharp.Data

Typed representation of a XML file.

Static parameters

Static parametersDescription
Signature: string (optional, default = "")

Location of a XML sample file or a string containing a sample XML document.

Signature: bool (optional, default = false)

If true, the children of the root in the sample document represent individual samples for the inference.

Signature: bool (optional, default = false)

If true, the inference unifies all XML elements with the same name.

Signature: string (optional, default = "")

The culture used for parsing numbers and dates. Defaults to the invariant culture.

Signature: string (optional, default = "")

The encoding used to read the sample. You can specify either the character set name or the codepage number. Defaults to UTF8 for files, and to ISO-8859-1 the for HTTP requests, unless charset is specified in the Content-Type response header.

Signature: string (optional, default = "")

A directory that is used when resolving relative file references (at design time and in hosted execution).

Signature: string (optional, default = "")

When specified, the type provider first attempts to load the sample from the specified resource (e.g. 'MyCompany.MyAssembly, resource_name.xml'). This is useful when exposing types generated by the type provider.

Signature: bool (optional, default = true)

If true, turns on additional type inference from values. (e.g. type inference infers string values such as "123" as ints and values constrained to 0 and 1 as booleans. The XmlProvider also infers string values as JSON.)

Signature: string (optional, default = "")

Location of a schema file or a string containing xsd.

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