F# editing support for open editors.

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F# Editing Support for Open Editors

For information about F# see The F# Software Foundation.


Adds F# mode and F# interactive background process. See the emacs mode in the 'emacs' directory of the repository. Please contribute!

The Emacs mode is available via the MELPA package manager. See the README for complete instructions.

MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio

Adds F# project support and allows you to code in F# in MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio. This repository hosts the binding for Xamarin Studio 5.0 - for the most recent development repository see the FSharpMDXS repository.

To use the binding see the README for instructions.

Using F# with Vim, Sublime and Other Editors

You can use F# with other editors too, see the links in the main README.


Join The F# Open Source Group, a working group associated with The F# Software Foundation. We use github for tracking bugs, work items and suggestions.