Extensions and Tools for F# Programming

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Use via NuGET

Install-Package FSharpx.Core 
Install-Package FSharpx.Http
Install-Package FSharpx.Observable
Install-Package FSharpx.Compatibility.OCaml  
Install-Package FSharpx.TypeProviders
Install-Package FSharpx.TypeProviders.Graph
Install-Package FSharpx.TypeProviders.AppSettings
Install-Package FSharpx.TypeProviders.Excel
Install-Package FSharpx.TypeProviders.Math
Install-Package FSharpx.TypeProviders.Regex
Install-Package FSharpx.TypeProviders.Machine
Install-Package FSharpx.TypeProviders.Management
Install-Package FSharpx.TypeProviders.Xaml


FSharpx.Core is a collection of general functional constructs extending F#. Its main target is F# but it aims to be compatible with all .NET languages wherever possible. FSharpx.Core provides:

  • Several standard monads: State, Reader, Writer, Either, Continuation, Distribution
  • Purely functional data structures: Queues, double-ended Queues, BottomUpMergeSort, RandomAccessList, Vector, RoseTree
  • Validation applicative functor
  • General functions like flip
  • Additional functions around collections
  • Functions to make C# - F# interop easier
  • Async extensions, Reusable agents and Observable extensions


A package containing asynchronous helpers and the Conneg HTTP programming model


FSharpx provides some very interesting F# type providers. At the moment we have:

  • FSharpx.TypeProviders.AppSettings - generates setters and getters for application settings files
  • FSharpx.TypeProviders.Excel - provides strongly typed access to Excel spread sheets
  • FSharpx.TypeProviders.Graph - includes type providers for state machines and graphs
  • FSharpx.TypeProviders.Math - contains a type provider for vector data structures
  • FSharpx.TypeProviders.Regex - allows to access regular expressions in a strongly typed manner
  • FSharpx.TypeProviders.Machine - provides strongly typed access to the Registry and the file system
  • FSharpx.TypeProviders.Management - provides strongly typed access to WMI
  • FSharpx.TypeProviders.Xaml - a type provider for XAML files and enables the use of the Visual Studio WPF Designer from F#

All type providers work with .NET 4.0 and .NET 4.5 and F# 3.0.



type PhoneRegex = Regex< @"(?<AreaCode>^\d{3})-(?<PhoneNumber>\d{3}-\d{4}$)">

PhoneRegex.IsMatch "425-123-2345"
|> should equal true

|> should equal "425-123-2345"

|> should equal "123-2345"  

Management (WMI)

type LocalHost = FSharpx.TypeProviders.Management.WmiProvider<"localhost">

let ctxt = LocalHost.GetDataContext()
let batteryInfo = [ for x in ctxt.Win32_Battery -> x.Name, x.BatteryRechargeTime ]


A small package containing helpers related to programming with observables

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