The F# Language and Core Library RFC Process

This post briefy mentions the F# Language and Core Library RFC Process, one of the activities of the FSSF Core Engineering Group.

Since 2015, development of the F# Language and Core Library has been using an RFC (request for comments) process.

  1. Use F# Language Suggestions to submit ideas, vote on them and discuss them.

  2. Ideas which get “approved in principle” get an RFC entry based on the template, and a corresponding RFC discussion thread

  3. Implementations and testing are usually submitted to the visualfsharp repository and then integrated to fsharp and FSharp.Compiler.Service

Please contribute to this process, either by creating RFCs, commenting on the discussion threads, sending pull requests to modify and clarify existing RFCs, or doing the implementation, testing and documentation to help complete the RFCs.

About Us

The F# Core Engineering Group is a working group associated with The F# Software Foundation.

We manage the cross-platform and open-source F# Compiler and Components repositories and the F# Community Project Incubation Space. We also run the F# Languageand Core Library RFC process.

Visit our website and please continue all the great work on core F# engineering!

First Published: 26 September 2016

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