Developer notes

Modified clone of F# compiler exposing additional functionality for editing clients and embedding F# compiler and F# interactive as services.


There is one main component, FSharp.Compiler.Service.dll. The main aim is to have a stable and documented fork of the main compiler that allows various tools to share this common code. This component allows embedding F# Interactive as a service and contains a number of modifications to the source code of fsi.exe that adds EvalExpression and EvalInteraction functions.

This repo should be identical to 'fsharp' except:

  • Changes for building FSharp.Compiler.Service.dll, notably

    • Change the assembly name
    • Only build FSharp.Compiler.Service.dll

    • No bootstrap or proto compiler is used - an installed F# compiler is assumed
  • Build script using FAKE that builds everything, produces NuGet package and generates documentation, files for publishing NuGet packages etc. (following F# project scaffold)

  • Changes to compiler source code to expose new functionality; Changes to the F# Interactive service to implement the evaluation functions.

  • Additions to compiler source code which improve the API for the use of F# editing clients
  • Additions to compiler source code which add new functionality to the compiler service API

If language or compiler additions are committed to fsharp/fsharp, they should be merged into this repo and a new NuGet package released.

Building and NuGet

The build process follows the standard recommended by F# project scaffold If you want to build the project yourself then you can follow these instructions:

git clone
cd FSharp.Compiler.Service

Now follow build everything by running build.cmd (Windows) or (Linux + Mac OS). The output will be located in the bin directory. If you also wish to build the documentation and NuGet package, run build Release (this also attempts to publish the documentation to GitHub, which only works if you have access to the GitHub repository).

Release checklist

Release checklist to publish a new version on

  1. Update
  2. Check the version numbers are correct across the source (some files duplicate them)
  3. Commit and add the necessary tag to the repo
  4. Publish the nupkgs for FSharp.Compiler.Service once it appears in AppVeyor artifacts