F# Compiler Services


Namespace: Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.SourceCodeServices

A set of information describing a project or script build configuration.

Record Fields

Record FieldDescription
Signature: obj option

Extra information passed back on event trigger

Signature: bool

When true, the typechecking environment is known a priori to be incomplete, for example when a .fs file is opened outside of a project. In this case, the number of error messages reported is reduced.

Signature: DateTime

Timestamp of project/script load, used to differentiate between different instances of a project load. This ensures that a complete reload of the project or script type checking context occurs on project or script unload/reload.

Signature: (range * string) list

Unused in this API and should be '[]' when used as user-specified input

Signature: string []

Additional command line argument options for the project. These can include additional files and references.

Signature: string
Signature: (string * FSharpProjectOptions) []

The command line arguments for the other projects referenced by this project, indexed by the exact text used in the "-r:" reference in FSharpProjectOptions.

Signature: string []

The files in the project

Signature: int64 option

An optional stamp to uniquely identify this set of options If two sets of options both have stamps, then they are considered equal if and only if the stamps are equal

Signature: UnresolvedReferencesSet option

Unused in this API and should be 'None' when used as user-specified input

Signature: bool

When true, use the reference resolution rules for scripts rather than the rules for compiler.

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