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Available Namespaces:

Namespace Description
FSharp.Collections Operations for collections such as lists, arrays, sets, maps and sequences. See also F# Collection Types in the F# Language Guide.
FSharp.Control Library functionality for asynchronous programming, events and agents. See also Asynchronous Programming, Events and Lazy Expressions in the F# Language Guide.
   Basic definitions of operators, options, functions, results, choices, attributes and plain text formatting.
FSharp.Core.CompilerServices Library functionality for supporting type providers and code generated by the F# compiler. See also F# Type Providers in the F# Language Guide.
FSharp.Linq Library functionality for F# query syntax and interoperability with .NET LINQ Expressions. See also F# Query Expressions in the F# Language Guide.
   Library functionality associated with converting F# quotations to .NET LINQ expression trees.
FSharp.NativeInterop Library functionality for native interopability. See also F# External Functions in the F# Language Guide.
FSharp.Quotations Library functionality for F# quotations. See also F# Code Quotations in the F# Language Guide.
FSharp.Reflection Library functionality for accessing additional information about F# types and F# values at runtime, augmenting that available through System.Reflection.

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