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ilsigptr<'T> Type

Represents an Common IL (Intermediate Language) Signature Pointer.

This type should only be used when writing F# code that interoperates with other .NET languages that use generic Common IL Signature Pointers. Use of this type in F# code may result in unverifiable code being generated. Because of the rules of Common IL Signature Pointers, you cannot use this type in generic type parameters, resulting in compiler errors. As a result, you should convert this type to nativeptr{T} for use in F#. Note that Common IL Signature Pointers exposed by other .NET languages are converted to nativeptr{T} or voidptr automatically by F#, and F# also shows generic-specialized typed native pointers correctly to other .NET languages as Common IL Signature Pointers. However, generic typed native pointers are shown as IntPtr to other .NET languages. For other languages to interpret generic F# typed native pointers correctly, you should expose this type or voidptr instead of nativeptr{T}. Values of this type can be generated by the functions in the NativeInterop.NativePtr module.

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