About Us

The F# Core Engineering Group is a technical group associated with The F# Software Foundation. We manage the cross-platform and open-source F# Compiler and Components repositories.

The group works cooperatively with major industrial and community contributors to F# to facilitate open-source contributions to the F# core components. For example:

Membership of the group is currently informal: it is a name we give to the contributors to repositories such as visualfsharp, fsharp, FSharp.Compiler.Service, FSharpLangDesign and this site, fsharp.github.io.

The group is not responsible for all F# core engineering, but tries to help keep F# delivered and available widely through the above activities.

Goals and Remit

See our Goals and Remit document.

Get Involved

To get involved:

Our mission is to maintain the excellent quality of the core F# implementation across these platforms, and to extend the tooling available for F# across your favorite platforms.


Guides and Posts

The F# Language and Core Library RFC Process

A link to the F# RFC process

F# Compiler Technical Overview

This technical guide discusses the F# Compiler.

Notes and Guidance on FSharp.Core

This technical guide discusses the FSharp.Core library.

Recommended Guidelines for F# Projects, Packages and Namespaces

Naming, Engineering and General Advice

Online meeting notes, 18 September 2014

Meeting notes

Contributing to the F# Language and Compiler

How Your Contributions to the F# Language, Compiler and Core Library Are Delivered Cross-Platform

Some Recent F# Core Engineering Highlights

An Update on the F# Compiler Services, Visual F# Power Tools and more

Introducing the F# Core Engineering Group

Our first blog entry

Online meeting notes, 02 July 2013

Meeting notes

The F# Core Engineering Group Goals, Remit and Activities

Contact Us

Most group discussion happens in other forums. To contact the group, please either:

If using the Xamarin, Microsoft or other packaging for F#, you should use the support contacts for those products. They may also refer you to the above forums for some issues.

The convenors of the F# Core Engineering Group are Michael Newtown, Dave Thomas, Tomas Petricek and Don Syme. You can contact them directly, though it is better to use one of the public forums above.