“F# Core Engineering Activities” is a loose term for activities by the people who maintain and contribute to the repositories of The F# Software Foundation. There are not many “meetings”, most work is coordinated via github issues.

These people - both maintainers and contributors - work cooperatively with major industrial and community contributors to F# to facilitate open-source contributions to the F# core components.

Each Monday we aspire to hold an “F# Compiler and Core Engineering Office Hours” chat on the #compiler channel of the F# Software Foundation. Normally hosted by Don Syme, we’re also looking for volunteers to act as host when he’s not available.

The activities include:

The vim-fsharp, emacs-mode-fsharp, sublime-fsharp-package and FAKE repositories are here for historical reasons, they are not considered to be FSSF repositories.

Please join in the fun!

Goals and Remit

F# Core Engineering Activities dates back to 2013. The FSSF board assigns permissions and conducts oversight of the activities through a board resolution in 2015.

See our Goals and Remit document.

The FSSF board appoint a “chairperson” who has responsibility for assigning permissions and arranging a degree of oversight. The last chairperson appointed was Tomas Petricek for 2015-16, a new chaiperson is currently being sought.

Maintainer (pull-request) permissions for various repositories is listed below.

People Involved

Many people contribute to repositories such as visualfsharp, fsharp, FSharp.Compiler.Service, FSharpLangDesign and this site, fsharp.github.io.

Some specific people with maintainer permissions are as follows:

Get Involved

To get involved:

The aim is to maintain the excellent quality of the core F# implementation across these platforms, and to extend the set of tools available for F# across your favorite platforms.

If you are working in some particular area and would like to update your activity/responsibility, please submit an edit to this page.


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Contact Us

Most discussion happens in other forums. Please use any of the following:

If you are using an F# package from Xamarin, Microsoft or another company then you should contact them via their support for any issues or questions. They may refer you to one of our forums for some specific issues.