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'T list Type

The type of immutable singly-linked lists.

See the List module for further operations related to lists. Use the constructors [] and :: (infix) to create values of this type, or the notation [1; 2; 3]. Use the values in the List module to manipulate values of this type, or pattern match against the values directly. See also F# Language Guide - Lists.

Instance members

Instance member Description


Full Usage: this.Head

Returns: 'T

Gets the first element of the list

Returns: 'T


Full Usage: this.IsEmpty

Returns: bool

Gets a value indicating if the list contains no entries

Returns: bool


Full Usage: this[index]

    index : int - The index.

Returns: 'T The value at the given index.

Gets the element of the list at the given position.

Lists are represented as linked lists so this is an O(n) operation.

index : int

The index.

Returns: 'T

The value at the given index.


Full Usage: this.Length

Returns: int

Gets the number of items contained in the list

Returns: int


Full Usage: this.Tail

Returns: 'T list

Gets the tail of the list, which is a list containing all the elements of the list, excluding the first element

Returns: 'T list

Static members

Static member Description


Full Usage: List.Empty

Returns: 'T list

Returns an empty list of a particular type

Returns: 'T list

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