ComparisonConditionalOnAttribute Type

This attribute is used to indicate a generic container type satisfies the F# 'comparison' constraint only if a generic argument also satisfies this constraint.

For example, adding this attribute to parameter 'T on a type definition C<'T> means that a type C only supports comparison if the type X also supports comparison and all other conditions for C to support comparison are also met. The type C<'T> can still be used with other type arguments, but a type such as C<(int -> int)> will not support comparison because the type (int -> int) is an F# function type and does not support comparison. This attribute will be ignored if it is used on the generic parameters of functions or methods.


Constructor Description


Full Usage: ComparisonConditionalOnAttribute()

Returns: ComparisonConditionalOnAttribute ComparisonConditionalOnAttribute

Creates an instance of the attribute

Returns: ComparisonConditionalOnAttribute