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ParsedInput Type

Represents the syntax tree for a parsed implementation or signature file

Union cases

Union case Description

A parsed implementation file

Item : ParsedImplFileInput

A parsed signature file

Item : ParsedSigFileInput

Instance members

Instance member Description


Full Usage: this.FileName

Returns: string

Gets the file name for the parsed input

Returns: string


Full Usage: this.Identifiers

Returns: Set<string>

Gets a set of all identifiers used in this parsed input. Only populated if captureIdentifiersWhenParsing option was used.

Returns: Set<string>


Full Usage: this.QualifiedName

Returns: QualifiedNameOfFile

Gets the qualified name used to help match signature and implementation files

Returns: QualifiedNameOfFile


Full Usage: this.Range

Returns: range

Gets the syntax range of this construct

Returns: range


Full Usage: this.ScopedPragmas

Returns: ScopedPragma list

Gets the #nowarn and other scoped pragmas

Returns: ScopedPragma list

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