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SynMemberSig Type

Represents the syntax tree for a member signature (used in signature files, abstract member declarations and member constraints)

Union cases

Union case Description

Inherit(inheritedType, range)

Full Usage: Inherit(inheritedType, range)


An 'inherit' definition in a type in a signature file

inheritedType : SynType
range : range

Interface(interfaceType, range)

Full Usage: Interface(interfaceType, range)


An interface definition in a type in a signature file

interfaceType : SynType
range : range

Member(memberSig, flags, range, trivia)

Full Usage: Member(memberSig, flags, range, trivia)


A member definition in a type in a signature file

memberSig : SynValSig
flags : SynMemberFlags
range : range
trivia : SynMemberSigMemberTrivia

NestedType(nestedType, range)

Full Usage: NestedType(nestedType, range)


A nested type definition in a signature file (an unimplemented feature)

nestedType : SynTypeDefnSig
range : range

ValField(field, range)

Full Usage: ValField(field, range)


A 'val' definition in a type in a signature file

field : SynField
range : range

Instance members

Instance member Description


Full Usage: this.Range

Returns: range

Gets the syntax range of this construct

Returns: range

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