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SynTypeDefnRepr Type

Represents the right hand side of a type or exception declaration 'type C = ... ' plus any additional member definitions for the type

Union cases

Union case Description

Exception exnRepr

Full Usage: Exception exnRepr


An exception definition

exnRepr : SynExceptionDefnRepr

ObjectModel(kind, members, range)

Full Usage: ObjectModel(kind, members, range)


An object model type definition (class or interface)

kind : SynTypeDefnKind
members : SynMemberDefns
range : range

Simple(simpleRepr, range)

Full Usage: Simple(simpleRepr, range)


A simple type definition (record, union, abbreviation)

simpleRepr : SynTypeDefnSimpleRepr
range : range

Instance members

Instance member Description


Full Usage: this.Range

Returns: range

Gets the syntax range of this construct

Returns: range

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