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Structure Module


Type Description


Collapse indicates the way a range/snapshot should be collapsed. `Same` is for a scope inside some kind of scope delimiter, e.g. `[| ... |]`, `[ ... ]`, `{ ... }`, etc. `Below` is for expressions following a binding or the right hand side of a pattern, e.g. `let x = ...`


Tag to identify the construct that can be stored alongside its associated ranges


Stores the range for a construct, the sub-range that should be collapsed for outlinging, a tag for the construct type, and a tag for the collapse style

Functions and values

Function or value Description

getOutliningRanges sourceLines parsedInput

Full Usage: getOutliningRanges sourceLines parsedInput

Returns: ScopeRange seq

Returns outlining ranges for given parsed input.

sourceLines : string[]
parsedInput : ParsedInput
Returns: ScopeRange seq

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