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SynModuleDecl Type

Represents a definition within a module

Union cases

Union case Description

Attributes(attributes, range)

Full Usage: Attributes(attributes, range)


An attribute definition within a module, for assembly and .NET module attributes

attributes : SynAttributes
range : range

Exception(exnDefn, range)

Full Usage: Exception(exnDefn, range)


An 'exception' definition within a module

exnDefn : SynExceptionDefn
range : range

Expr(expr, range)

Full Usage: Expr(expr, range)


An 'expr' within a module.

expr : SynExpr
range : range

HashDirective(hashDirective, range)

Full Usage: HashDirective(hashDirective, range)


A hash directive within a module

hashDirective : ParsedHashDirective
range : range

Let(isRecursive, bindings, range)

Full Usage: Let(isRecursive, bindings, range)


A 'let' definition within a module

isRecursive : bool
bindings : SynBinding list
range : range

ModuleAbbrev(ident, longId, range)

Full Usage: ModuleAbbrev(ident, longId, range)


A module abbreviation definition 'module X = A.B.C'

ident : Ident
longId : LongIdent
range : range

NamespaceFragment fragment

Full Usage: NamespaceFragment fragment


A namespace fragment within a module

fragment : SynModuleOrNamespace

NestedModule(moduleInfo, isRecursive, decls, isContinuing, range, trivia)

Full Usage: NestedModule(moduleInfo, isRecursive, decls, isContinuing, range, trivia)


A nested module definition 'module X = ...'

moduleInfo : SynComponentInfo
isRecursive : bool
decls : SynModuleDecl list
isContinuing : bool
range : range
trivia : SynModuleDeclNestedModuleTrivia

Open(target, range)

Full Usage: Open(target, range)


An 'open' definition within a module

target : SynOpenDeclTarget
range : range

Types(typeDefns, range)

Full Usage: Types(typeDefns, range)


One or more 'type' definitions within a module

typeDefns : SynTypeDefn list
range : range

Instance members

Instance member Description


Full Usage: this.Range

Returns: range

Gets the syntax range of this construct

Returns: range

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