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ToolTipElement Type

A single tool tip display element

Union cases

Union case Description

CompositionError errorText

Full Usage: CompositionError errorText

    errorText : string

An error occurred formatting this element

errorText : string

Group elements

Full Usage: Group elements


A single type, method, etc with comment. May represent a method overload group.

elements : ToolTipElementData list


Full Usage: None

Static members

Static member Description

ToolTipElement.Single(layout, xml, ?typeMapping, ?paramName, ?remarks, ?symbol)

Full Usage: ToolTipElement.Single(layout, xml, ?typeMapping, ?paramName, ?remarks, ?symbol)

Returns: ToolTipElement
layout : TaggedText[]
xml : FSharpXmlDoc
?typeMapping : TaggedText[] list
?paramName : string
?remarks : TaggedText[]
?symbol : FSharpSymbol
Returns: ToolTipElement

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